Why Developers Love Rust

Rust has been getting a lot of media attention recently. It has been voted the most loved language for five years running, and it grew in use on Github by 235% from 2018 to 2019. Large companies such as Mozilla, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft have began adopting it in their codebases. So, why do so many people love Rust?


Create React App: How to Write to Disk in Development

How to add a development build mode in create-react-app which watches for file changes, rebuilds a development bundle, and writes it onto filesystem in development mode.


Interview Question: Most Common N Page Path

You are given a file named 'paths.txt'. Each line in the file represents a user's browsing history in a web session. The task is to find the most common N page path in 'paths.txt'.


Golang Global Configuration Files with Multiple Environments

A simple way to decode configuration files based on the current application environment into globally accessible variables